Al Akaria Hanmi for Project Management

Al Widyan 

Al Widyan is a fully integrated mixed-use development and leisure destination, based on the principles of wellness and quality of life. Shaped by the spirit of national transformation and the talents of inspirational young Saudis, the city sets a new paradigm for community living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Al Widyan Project

Covering 7 million square metres, it is strategically located in Riyadh’s northern growth corridor. Already under construction by Al Widyan Co., Al Widyan is the first private development to have the status of a self-regulating authority and the first to bring together the transformative principles of Vision 2030 with the concept of wellness in the built environment.
A half-million square metre Central Park forms the city’s spine, around which are connected and walkable districts of entertainment, retail, health and education facilities, homes and offices. Once completed, the community of 20,000 homes and 140,000 jobs will provide a high quality of life and an ideal work/life balance for its 120,000 residents.
Al Widyan project will be launched in Q2 2019.

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