Al Akaria 3 is a high tech commercial complex that is home to many business and shops.

It is located in the heart of the city at Olaya Road, linked to Al Akaria 1, 2 and The Plaza. As it is connected to Akaria 1 and 2, it puts a seal of perfect shopping experience for the customers.

The main focus of the complex is its dome atrium which is 32 M high, thus providing the complete building with natural lighting.

The retail area is a continuous one-way shopping complex adding to the existing shopping experience, spread over a walk able areas of 720 M, under air conditioned environment. This makes it one of the longest commercial complex in the kingdom, designed and built by Al Akaria’s highly skilled designers and engineers.

It has been externally designed with a distinguished multi classic façade capped with marble and dressed with oceanic blue reflective glass and decorated with magnificent giant white 30 M high marble columns.

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