A place that defines home as: joyful, luxurious and harmonious

Eight kilometres west of the centre of Riyadh on the new Makkah Road, on the high ground overlooking the Wadi Hanifah, lies the exclusive Diplomatic Quarter. And within the Diplomatic Quarter lies the most desirable place to have a home, the Al Akaria Residences.

The Diplomatic Quarter

The Diplomatic Quarter, or ‘DQ’ as it is popularly known, houses the best that Riyadh has to offer. It is home to foreign embassies, consulates, international organizations, residential communities and retail malls. The complex occupies an area of seven million square meters.
With lush gardens and numerous sports facilities, it is one of the Riyadh’s greenest areas. The landscapes of the Diplomatic Quarter have become one of the kingdom’s most precious urban resources and notably one of Saudi Arabia’s most accomplished works of ‘green architecture’.
The ‘DQ’ is widely acknowledged to be ‘the’ place to live due to the quality of the urban design, its fine architecture and its operational standards.

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